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Create your

financial freedom

With CIB’s bespoke investment advice


Investing your hard-earned money can appear to be a daunting prospect at first glance. In reality, investing can be the way for you to achieve the life you want to live.


At CIB, we focus on your long-term objectives when planning your investments. Whether it is for capital growth, preservation or for income, we will carefully plan your investments based on your goals and attitude to risk.


Our investment service starts with an initial consultation, to discuss your goals and objectives as well as your current situation, so that we have a better understanding of what you will be able to invest, and what you will want to keep as liquid cash in case of emergencies. We also want to assess your attitude to risk, so that we can work together to choose an investment suited to your risk level.

Once we have selected an investment product, we will complete the application for you and submit it to the provider. We then provide an annual review service, in which we discuss your situation, assess the performance of the investment and give advice on the future of your investments.

The value of investments can go up as well as down.

You may not get out what you originally put in.

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