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Focus on the future

With CIB’s bespoke pension

and retirement advice

Pensions & Retirement Planning

Planning your retirement can be a complex matter, especially when you don’t know how much money you will need to enjoy life in retirement.


At CIB, our bespoke retirement planning service aims to make your retirement an exciting prospect by planning your pension around your desired lifestyle and putting your money to work for you.


Our Pension service starts with a meeting to discuss your income needs. We use this as a target for you to achieve on retirement. We also discuss your future plans in retirement, whether it is travelling the world or just spending more time with your family, we want to make sure you have the money to fund this. Following our meeting, we will discuss the amount of time you want the investment to last, as well as your attitude to risk so that we can choose a pension fund suitable to your needs. Upon investing in your pension, we will send out an annual valuation and arrange a meeting to give advice on your future pension planning.

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